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Providing empty property protection by occupation

What is the property guardian scheme?

Cases of squatting and vandalism have seen a great rise over the years due to a number of reasons. If you are the owner of an empty property, you may be wondering how you can protect your property when you are not around. Or how can your building, whether residential or commercial, remain without squatters or cases of break-ins?

Your questions and concerns can easily be addressed by occupation firms. These firms offer a specialized service to you as building owners in that they ensure or guarantee the safety of your premises should you give them the task to do so. The main focus of this article is to take a brief look at what this kind of business entails and what it provides for its customers.

How does the property guardian scheme works?

The property guardian scheme works as such; as a building owner, be it private or even a government owned establishment, needs security when it has no occupancy. This is because it can attract the kind of attention given by the wrong kind of people, thieves, burglars and illegal squatters to mention a few. To cater for this security gap, various firms have come up to solve this problem and they work by hiring individuals to occupy the building, ergo giving it a sense of security and measures to ward off potential invaders.

In return for providing this sort of security for the empty building, these individuals gain some benefits of their own most notably the extremely low cost accommodation fee, at times which can be nonexistent in some cases. They get to live there for free!

How can one become a guargian?

The UK is currently facing an unprecedented level of homelessness and this scheme has been touted to somewhat act as a mitigating factor in the race to put an end to homelessness

Persons interested in becoming property guardians can visit any of the firms offering this service. They put the applicants through a well worthy vetting system so as to ensure they will keep to the terms of the agreements and do what is stipulated in it. 

What to expect as a guardian?

As someone who has opted to work in this occupation market/pop-up housing market, there are a few things you should take note of:

1. You are not regarded as a tenant therefore some of the usual tenant rights associated with normal house renting don’t apply to you.

2. You wouldn’t be allowed to have guests in the premises without your presence.

3. You may not be allowed to install extra stuff for your daily living like phone lines or even washing machines.

4. The deposit paid with the company is not legally protected.

5. The length of your stay is not guaranteed and you may have to move out in as soon as 24 hours after a notice is given.

Through considerable legal activity, it was determined that there was some sort of regulation needed in this market all aimed towards improving the terms for the occupant tenants. Currently many guardianship companies now offer better terms for the tenants who sign up to avail these services unlike in the past where the tenants signed up all while worrying of an uncertain future going into their contracts.

What are the benefits of the property guardian scheme?

For the building owners

1. Security; the building owners can rest assured that their empty buildings are safe from vandals and squatters or other sort of invaders who have malicious intents on your property.

2. Cost efficient; unlike other forms of complex and expensive forms of security for buildings, this is a much simpler way and one which can also directly lead to some sort of profit over the duration of the tenant’s stay in the building.

3. Maintenance; some guardianship contracts include clauses that they are responsible for the maintenance of the building thus saving you costs you’d have incurred in this aspect.

4. You can be guaranteed of quality guardians for your building when you seek the services of professional companies in this field.

5. It can help alleviate the unoccupied premises rates for businesses which in the long run saves your capital.

6. Regular checkups are part of the contract with the company to keep you at ease that your property is doing well in their care.

For the Guardians

1. You get to live in a comfortable space all the while paying a rent that is well below the marked value for that property.

2. Some of the properties may come already fitted with some must have day to day use amenities, cutting down your need to spend money acquiring them all over again.

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